Our Mission:

The mission of Triumphant Christ Chapel is to teach Christians; who they are in Christ Jesus, how to live a victorious life in their covenant rights and privileges.

Our mission finds further expression in our Purpose statement: - To celebrate God’s presence in worship, communicate God’s word to the society, incorporate the saved into God’s family through membership, educate God’s family through discipleship, and to demonstrate God’s love through service to our communities.

We aim to lead people; primarily to God, and bring them to the position where they operate proficiently in the biblical principles of faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption, righteousness, and equip them to share these principles in their communities.


  1. Triumphant Christ Chapel will reach our communities through projects, crusades and campaigns, conventions, CDs, and public relations as well as working in close connection with other members of the body of Christ who share in the same vision and calling.

  2. To promote general education of youth and children by running training programmes in personal development, and social ethics.

  3. Provide training and self education facilities for all age groups in our premises.

  4. To engage the community in healthy lifestyles such as healthy eating and sports.

  5. To increase quality of ministry through departmental development and workshops.

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