Triumphant Christ Chapel (TCC) is a charity and therefore operates under the regulating authority of the Charity Commission. We comply strictly with the guiding principles in our constitution for decision making and functioning.

Registered Charity Number: 1119737

The leadership is structured into three tiers of authority; Trustees, Deacons, and Heads of departments. The Trustees make decisions at the highest level directing policy and general management. This is followed by the Deacons’ board, which oversee the day to day running of the Church and make major functional and operational plans. The third level is made up of the heads of department. They implement decisions, deliberate on functional issues affecting departments and all aspects of operations.

The Church has two Pastors who do not receive salary from the Church; the head Pastor and founder, and an associate Pastor, who are both trustees. Other leaders and heads of departments are all operating as volunteers.This has been the case since 2013 when the Church took the decision to focus and invest in its own Building.

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