Triumphant Christ Chapel is a registered Charity and a Community Church with a track record of impacting our community and changing lives through the gospel, community projects and events. Established in 2004 in Stoke-on-Trent with the vision to spread throughout the Midlands and then to the rest of the UK. A branch was established in the City of Wolverhampton in 2010.

Our focus is all about people and our approach is effectively training and empowering our members to serve their Communities using their God given gifts and talents. Our success stems from the effectiveness of leadership, well managed and effective departments, and the use of teams and committees to manage task and community engagements. The evidence is a steady growth over the years in the form of membership, maturity of members and their commitment level, and the recognition achieved within our Cities.

In this planning period we look forward to increase our influence and to make more impact as we seek to acquire a very substantive property which houses the main branch. Acquiring the property will present us with space and utilisation flexibility to pursue community projects and events which has not been possible in a property shared with other business tenants. The property has available income generation potentials, which will further support sustainability when the proposed projects such as the Family Learning Centre in partnership with Schools, and after School and Holidays Club are in full operation.


TCC is a charity and therefore operates under the regulating authority of the Charity Commission. We comply strictly with the guiding principles in our constitution for decision making and functioning.

Church Administration

The internal leadership is structured into three tiers of authority; Trustees, Deacons, and Heads of departments. The Trustees make decisions at the highest level directing policy and general management. This is followed by the Deacons’ board, which oversee the day to day running of the Church and make major functional and operational plans. The third level is made up of the heads of department. They implement decisions, deliberate on functional issues affecting departments and all aspects of operations.Administratively the church is run by a qualified administrator, and the office is responsible for co-ordinating all administrative supporting units, such as property and equipment, records and accounting and public relations. Other functions include; membership management, and programmes planning and execution.

Under the portfolio of the church Administrator is the accounts team, which is  responsible for counting offerings, tithes, thanksgiving offerings and donations, and keep proper records and documentation on all monetary receipts. This is a dedicated team that upholds financial integrity at all times.The church administrative structure and policies are focused on achieving the objectives to ensure that the Church meets its targets and fulfils its mission.

Administration Portfolio

Membership management:  This involves maintaining communication link with old and new members for the purpose of effective support. The section processes relevant and necessary information to highlight areas of need for the Church to fulfil her mission and objectives.  The family and general social welfare issues requiring the support and intervention of the Church will also be managed through this section.

Accounts and Finance management (Supported by our finance team): The accounting and book keeping includes recording contributions and all donations received, and to ensure the money is banked accordingly. Preparation of accounting reports, which includes cash-flow, annual budgets, Income and Expenditure accounts, membership contribution reports, and gift aid quarterly application and reports. Our accounts are examined annually by an independent examiner and their report is filed in accordance with the requirements of the Charity Commission.   

Meetings and Programme Management: The church administration determines all required facilities and equipments for church meetings and projects, which is communicated to the Trustees and relevant teams. Church activities and programmes are organised and executed according to plan. 

Coordination of committees, departments, and cells: The administration helps all departments and committees in the smooth performance of their duties by making all resources needed available, and also ensures that all policies and procedures are followed. Reports on the functionality of each, committee, department, and cells are filed quarterly for the purpose of review and development. 


Facilities and Asset management – Keeping updated records of  all Church assets and equipments, to ensure good working order and upgrades when necessary.

Media and communication: Communication through letters emails and phone is used to reach all members and liaising with other Organisations. We also use leaflets for campaigns and to promote projects and events to the general public. The existing website will be redeveloped and updated to a high quality standard. We also aim to make use of Social networking media such as face book, twitter and You tube to further expand our reach.

Clerical work:  Daily response to letters and mails where necessary, letters to visitors, keeping all church forms up to date, prepare materials and bulletins for programmes and publicity. Telephone and mailing to third parties on all issues of Church. General filing and house keeping of the offices and database.

Project management: Manage all projects the Church undertakes from the planning state through to execution, monitoring and control.


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