The Family Learning Centre

The project will run three activities; ICT Centre to train parents and guardians in basic computer skills, and understanding of the cyber world and internet safety for both parents and children; Numeracy and Literacy skills training for parents and guardians in partnership with Schools, with some of the training sections to be held in Schools during the evenings; and Healthy life style to include cooking and recipes, and sports and games for all families with parents and children doing activities together.

The aim of the project is to engage the whole family in learning and in the process promote child education to the level of employability as parents and guardians are equipped and supported to be practically involved with their Children’s education. Low educated parents and guardians will also acquire basic skill which could help them get into work.

Consultations with Schools have revealed poor parent and guardian interest and support for their children’s education. This is due to a number of factors such as low level of education in a wide cross section of the community which is a result of the past decades booming pottery Industry in Stoke-on-Trent so young people did not pursue further education but preferred in work in the Industry. After the collapse of the Industry, a big education and skills gap has been created which needs bridging.

Long term goals:

1. Improved personal quality of life.

2. Personal development and employability.

3. Make available necessary skills needed for economic growth and advancement.

4.  Raise the standard of skills within the county to encourage and sustain economic advancement.

Short term goals:

1. Keep children in schools.

2. Encourage active participation of parents/Guardians in supporting the children’s academic and general performance in school.

3. Build the confidence and skills of parents/Guardians which will open up opportunities to access further training for economic empowerment through employment or entrepreneurship.

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