After School and Holidays Club

The after School and Holiday Club is a project designed to support families with child care after school and during Holidays. This will reduce high cost of child care for working parents as prices will be subsidised with top up funding of up to 40%. The proceeds from the project will be used to sustain continuous delivery of projects and services to the community. 


 The objective is to provide an environment commensurate with after school learning requirements and solutions as follows:

For Parents, Carers and Adults (collectively referred to below as “parents”)

1. To provide parents with adult education facilities through which participants might update/upgrade or learn about more modern teaching and learning processes today’s children use every day in class.

2 . To help participating parents with their own literacy and numeracy gremlins, so that they are empowered to be of assistance to their children and to participate in the children’s learning at home.

3 . To help participating parents learn to use facilities such as the computer, the INTERNET, digital technology, and other modern facilities (mostly those available via the INTERNET) to support their children’s learning.

4 . To provide parents with a safe place of learning and creativity where they might confidently send their children during the school holiday periods while parents are away at work, knowing the children are supervised and provided with auxiliary education and creative activities without “recreating the classroom”.

For Children of all qualification (but targeting KS2-5)

1.  To provide children with facilities and an environment where participants might update/upgrade their learning experience outside the limits of the classroom or limitations of the home, and spend quality time in the evenings and during school holidays, creatively completing their daily homework and longer term personal work in publishing, music, graphics, programming, and entrepreneurial projects of their choice.

2          To help participating children on a personal or group basis with literacy and numeracy, so that they are better enabled in their pursuit of academic and technical excellence away from what they might consider restrictions or problems in either the classroom or at home.

3. To help participating children with work requiring the use of the INTERNET in a safe and flexible environment.

4.  To provide children with a safe place to go to during the evenings and school holidays where assistance and supervision are available in a socially healthy and constructive atmosphere. Participants would be free to undertake any project of their choice within a normative, formative code of practice

For Schools and the Community

1. To provide assistance, partnership and fellowship in the provision of all round learning for both children and parents in the community and thus stem the lack of ... within the society.

2 . To provide a safe, protected alternative place where creativity and learning are encouraged without any encumbrances prevailing in other environments.

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